About Us

Core technology Solutions LLC is a national invested company and was established in 2014 to provide technical consulting and supply services for construction, mining and infrastructure related projects, businesses and companies in Mongolia.

We strive to offer and supply the leading technological top notch products of globally recognized manufacturers by the best price to our customers in Mongolia.  

Our team consists of experts and professionals of relevant fields of over 15 years of professional experience; we are dedicated to find the best solution for our customer's current and emerging demands. 

Our Mission

One sincerely dedicated and professional team, delivering the highest quality solutions to our customers for the sustainable development of our country.





Our Mission

Our Vision

Customers’ need focused, reliable and long-term partner for our customers and suppliers.


Our Core values

Our core values: safety, integrity,teamwork,responsibility and excellence.

Highly competitive price to our customers is our advantage to our customers


Our Core values