World’s only segmented non–pneumatic tire system in Mongolia

Interview with Founder and CEO of airBoss Ltd.,  Mr. Donald Singlair Gillanders

- The airBOSS segmented wheel and tire.

Uran Tusul LLC is introducing AirBoss system through it has affiliate Tire Service LLC since September 2018

I am proud to say that first order been placed and it is being produced to be shipped to Mongolia

The airBOSS segmented wheel system is a simple concept. The wheel system consists of 18, 20 or 22 hollow rubber segments (depending on the size of the wheel) bolted on to a specially designed metal wheel rim. 

The airBOSS wheel systems are made to fit most makes of slow moving, heavy vehicles.

airBOSS was first established and introduced in England in 1990 since when the tires have been sold throughout Europe, Scandinavian countries, the Middle East and in the USA. It is the preferred tire of many machine users.

The airBOSS tire is approved by the major OEMs including JCB, CAT, Doosan Bobcat, Komatsu, Wacker Neuson, New Holland, GEHL, Daewoo, Terex and Case.

- Potential of airBOSS in Mongolia and it’s advantages

The airBOSS tire can provide considerable and significant financial benefits to companies and individuals in Mongolia by not having to replace a complete tire, thereby eliminating downtime, loss of production and reduced revenue.

 The following is a summary of the major advantages of airBoss wheel systems over other tires as follows:-

Completely puncture proof.  Unlike a pneumatic tire which, when punctured or torn, becomes unusable.

Never need to replace a complete tire.  When a pneumatic tire is punctured or torn, the complete tire needs to be replaced.  With airBoss only a segment or segments need to be replaced at a fraction of the cost of a replacement pneumatic tire.

Life time wheel rim.  Can I use an ordinary wheel rim with airBOSS?   No…. the steel rim used with the airBOSS wheel is unique in that it is specially engineered to enable the tire segments to fit and dovetail into each other to create a complete wheel. The rim is a one off purchase – unlike other tires in the market where the rim either needs to be replaced when a tire is damaged or the rim is incorporated within the tire itself.

All-purpose tire. It can be used on any terrain (soft or harsh) and in any environment.

Maintenance is simple. When a segment is damaged or worn beyond use, the operator removes that segment and replaces it with a new one. All that is required is a spanner.

Durability. The airBOSS tire lasts four times longer than other standard tires, operating with ease within environments where rough, sharp, hot, corrosive or abrasive working conditions are encountered.  airBOSS is particularly suited to severe conditions which would normally damage or destroy the standard pneumatic tyre within a short time. The toughness, durability and simplicity of the airBOSS wheel system is the reason why it has been chosen by many customers throughout the world.

No downtime or loss of production. Changing segments takes about two minutes per segment. There is not even the need to jack up the vehicle. This is a major advantage over replacing a damaged standard tire, both in terms of time and cost, where in many cases with any other tire, the vehicle is unusable until a tire company attends and replaces the damaged tire.

A firm, stable ride. airBOSS provide a firm, yet stable ride. There is no repetitive bounce as with air-filled pneumatic tires

Superb traction and stability. The footprint provided by airBoss is up to 30% greater than most pneumatic tyres giving superb traction and stability. This is particularly advantageous in sloping or hilly terrain.

Demonstrates corporate responsibility. airBOSS is environmentally friendly in that the operator does not need to dispose of a complete tire or tires. 

“I am sure that Mongolian users of AirBoss system would be delighted to have it in their equipment”


Source: Gogo News