Reduction of consumer loans stipulated to have impact on business investment

The Bank of Mongolia reports that Mongolian consumer loan holders spend 69 percent, on average, of their net income for loan repayments each month, thus negatively affecting their quality of life.

As of the first quarter of 2018, consumer loan growth reached 47.3 percent in conjunction with the total household debt increase of 18.2 percent. Consumer households contribute to 57.6 percent of total banking sector loans.

Corporate loans show an average growth of 1.5 percent for the last nine quarters, representing low business and investment growth and even lower creation of new jobs. In June, the Monetary Policy Committee of the Bank of Mongolia issued a decision to set the consumer loan debt/income ratio at 70 percent.

According to officials, the decision will help to maintain balance between the public’s current and future consumption levels, to diminish the debt burden of households and to avoid potential financial risks. In addition, it is expected that financial resources will be effectively allocated for businesses.​